What Politics is Doing to Society?

The 2022 presidential elections in Brazil were a good example of how digital marketing is being used, each candidate has used social networks and digital environments very peculiarly, whether they have succeeded or not is subject to another discussion. However, the goal here is not to bring political and party issues, the focus is to understand how digital marketing interfered with this process.

Certainly, there are many aspects related to marketing and communication that can (and deserve) be addressed, however, a theme deserves special attention, as it has been treated in different communication vehicles around the globe, when the subject is politics and society, Polarization. A controversial topic that deserves an approach considering the communication and marketing aspects related to it.

The systematic study of individual relationships, or simply behaviour is one of the keywords to initiate this reflection. For a better understanding, a comparative parallel between purchase behaviour and voting behaviour will be made. Both are susceptible to variables such as the social context as individuals, their relationship with different groups, psychosocial aspects, the influence of these groups on their emotions and their psyche; even, cognitive and rationality aspects, in other words, the cost-benefit relationship rationalized by these individuals.

The factors that have the power to influence decision-making and electoral behaviour are numerous, their variables are exponential; in addition, emotions represent a vital component of these variables. However, exploring all these feelings could play an important role in the decision-making process; on the other hand, it could also be tireless, confusing, and sometimes inconclusive. Thus, the present narrative will focus on one of the most primitive feelings, fear, and insecurity. Thereby, a candidate that can diffuse security to his electorate (target audience), while he can project a whole scenario of uncertainty and insecurity linked to his competitors, will be building a favourable competitive-electoral environment. But I'm sure you had already noticed this, both for the candidates you are in favour, of and the candidates you are against. Now, analyzing an electoral reality, the stimulation of polarization begins to make sense, it is a powerful tool that can be widely employed.

Obviously, a candidate must have a solid government plan, know how to demonstrate his virtues as a human being and as a politician, to demonstrate a public and private life story consistent with the position they are claiming, but if he does not awaken in his electorate a deep relationship of trust, all his efforts may have been in ineffective.

Independent, your political and electoral bias we must recognize that our emotions can be “manipulated” in any electoral (or purchase) process and are not just used by one or two candidates, all try to take advantage of this reality, some of them are more skillful than others. By this time, I think you can understand that every image, every musical background, the clothing used and so many other factors are chosen with great rationality, to move your emotions and make the target audience more susceptible.

I would like to finish this text with some reflections. First, is it the correct attitude to mess with the voters' emotions? How much did your emotions influence or influence your vote? What are the emotions besides safety that you consider important and that can influence your vote? And finally, do you believe your vote is or was your decision exclusively yours?

If you could share your answers, they can help others position themselves more assertively when it comes to elections.

Take care and thanks for sharing your time with me.

Filipe Guimarães Corrêa – Digital Marketing Consultant & International Business Analyst

Filipe Guimarães

Filipe Guimarães.

Filipe Guimarães is an experienced professional with over two decades dedicated to marketing, specializing in the past ten years in digital marketing. He currently serves as CEO of Go Up and Omega, companies recognized for their innovations in digital strategies and business growth.

His leadership has been instrumental in the success of numerous companies, helping them achieve their goals through effective and innovative marketing strategies.

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