Why I decided To Make a Blog

The internet is full of content related to marketing, digital marketing, and related matters, with experts and exponents on the subject theorizing properly. However, sometimes this type of content seems to be detached from practical reality; this distance caused by the relationship between theory and practice provides the fake sensation that marketing is elitist, employable only to large companies or a disruptive business.

This page intends to show some aspects related to marketing that are sometimes not noticed even by marketers; furthermore, the intention here is to show that digital marketing is available to anyone and any company. Indeed, my purpose is to create a collaborative environment with an exceptional conceptual and analytical basis, thus, proving that marketing can change departments, careers and even lives with simple, grounded, and experienced actions.

Therefore, this virtual space aims to present relevant content full of concepts, practices, assays, cases, and theories; in other words, everything around digital marketing. So, from there, the reader can create their doctrines, build their stories, and develop marketing practices that are more consistent with their ambitions. In this way, the shared knowledge can benefit people and companies every day, thus, making people’s lives better and helping to build a profitable and durable business.

Filipe Guimarães

Filipe Guimarães.

Filipe Guimarães is an experienced professional with over two decades dedicated to marketing, specializing in the past ten years in digital marketing. He currently serves as CEO of Go Up and Omega, companies recognized for their innovations in digital strategies and business growth.

His leadership has been instrumental in the success of numerous companies, helping them achieve their goals through effective and innovative marketing strategies.

This content is sponsored by Go Up Digital and OmegaOdyss.

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